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Different Types of Hair Removal Waxing

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Cosmetics have come a long way for our time, bringing you many options for your choice of hair removal. One doesn’t trump the rest, as each comes with its own details of cost and pain thresholds, but Laser Removal USA is trusted to care for the particularities of your skin sensitivity and hair removal.

Firstly, and probably the most basic among procedures are: shaving and depilatory cream. Hair is removed at the skin level by traditional shaving or dissolving therapy; both are relatively painless with proper instruction, but irritation may come with sensitive skin. Tools can be purchased either cheaply or for a few more dollars at most drugstores. Hair can be expected to grow back in one to three days.

Next on the list is waxing and sugaring. These processes are similar by removing hair with wax or gel used to pull hair out at the root. Both options are more painful and are equivalent to pulling off a very large and sticky band-aid. At home or professional sessions vary in price range, but it is expected to be more expensive than traditional options. Skin can be expected to remain clean for about three to six weeks.

Lastly are laser treatments and Electrolysis. These treatments work for permanent results with careful procedures and follow-ups. Hair is removed with either light or electric currents, targeting the hair root. Pain may be experienced, depending upon personal thresholds but pain is gained back with beautiful results.

With a trusted investment, professional sessions provide optimal results and are extremely safe for your skin care. Follow-ups and vigilant sessions deliver lasting results. At Laser Hair Removal USA, we have experts that will give you the beautiful skin your craving so that you don’t have to worry about procedure options down the road.  

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