How to Deal with Hormone Induced Hair Growth

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As people get older and go through puberty and the various stages in life, body hair growth only intensifies and continues. Body hair can be a nuisance and even unsightly to a certain extent, and getting rid of body hair can be quite annoying and even frustrating, especially if you’re a woman. Both men and women experience body hair and it’s unavoidable; however, it can be controlled to the point of nearly not existing.

In women, growing body and facial hair is normal, although it’s usually light in color and not thick at all. However, the hair might sometimes be dark and coarse. This is known as hirsutism. The growth patterns of hirsutism are very similar to the hair growth that happens in men. This happens in women when there is higher-than-normal levels of male hormones in their body, known as androgens. All women produce androgens, as well as men, but the levels in women are normally very low. To help control this, an easy and smart solution would be laser hair removal. Laser hair removal is easy and painless, and the effects of it last for a long time before you need to go again for a touch up. What happens is that concentrated light rays do damage to the hair follicles. When hair follicles are damaged, they cannot produce hair, and then the hair that is already present will fall out.

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