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How to maintain the success of your laser hair removal treatment

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Laser hair removal is a great alternative to waxing and plucking for long-lasting beautiful results. Of course, every procedure has tactics that should be followed by patients for the best possible outcomes, and here we outline them for you:

To begin your hairless journey, make a consultation appointment. We will help advise if this treatment is safe and right for your body, verifying if you are a good candidate for laser hair removal.

Once you are deemed good to go, start self-care six-weeks before the treatment: sun exposure and tanning beds should be avoided, as well as no plucking, waxing, or hair root removal of any kind. The next step starts 24 hours before the big appointment day: avoid caffeine and anything that will make you tense or agitated, and make sure to shave and clean your skin (this step is advised by your technician).

After your appointment, avoid sun exposure as your skin will be very sensitive. Regrowth of hair is expected, but these hairs shouldn’t be plucked or waxed as they reach the shedding stage within 10 to 14 days after treatment; instead, remove them gently with a washcloth. Lastly, you should always follow up after your treatments so that you can ensure a bright future for your beautiful hairless skin.

Caring for you skin is half the journey, and with the help of Laser USA , you will never need to pick up a razor again!

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