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Long Term Facial Hair Removal in Suffolk County

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Your face is the first thing people notice about you. Whether it is a first date or a job interview, it can be a problem if there is unwanted hair growing in the area. It is worse for women since there tends to be much more to remove than men. However, having an overgrown beard, back hair, or bushy eyebrows can be embarrassing for some men. If you live in the Suffolk County, New York there are plenty of ways to get rid of unwanted hair but that may require time, money, and a long lasting commitment.

Why Laser?

Waxing can be a pain and since it’s not long term, you could be coming back monthly for sessions. Using razors or tweezers are even more tedious and harder to see to remove all the hair. People with sensitive skin can have red bumps around the affected area from using both of those options. Folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle) and hair irritation are avoided by undergoing laser hair removal. While using laser, patients have reported little or no discomfort.


There can be dangers using Facial Laser Hair Removal. However, the risk is by not doing your research on practitioners handling the lasers. From unprofessional practitioners this may cause burning, pigment changes, and scarring. It is always best to research and talk to your practitioner about what your goal is.

Long Lasting Effect

The number of treatments varies by skin type and hair color. In order for long lasting to be effective, multiple sessions is needed to remove the unwanted hair. Once a hair follicle is destroyed it is said to be sterile, it can never produce a hair again. However, with some medications or hormonal changes, stress hair can begin growing again.

Depending on your body type long lasting removal has different results.

You may achieve permanent hair loss, but this result is not guaranteed.
Hair may grow back in treated areas but you will likely see a reduction in the amount of re-growth. Hair can be patchy and thinner than previous hair growth.
The thickness of the skin on the treated area can also have an effect on laser treatment results. Areas where the skin is thinner tend to show better results than those, which have thicker skin.
The new hair may be lighter in color than before, which will make it less noticeable.  


Laser Hair Removal USA

Since 1999, Laser hair Removal USA has effectively been removing unwanted hair. Located in Commack, NY, our company has helped treat thousands of men and women who wanted to remove hair either for a special occasion or for long lasting results. For more questions or call us today at 631-864-7546 or sign up for a free consultation to discuss more.


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