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Your Skincare Regimen in your 20’s vs. your 30’s

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The goal of people of all ages is to age  gracefully.  Who wouldn’t try to be wrinkle-free and look in their prime regardless of their age?  The key to this is prevention, which starts in your early 20’s. Along with anti-aging, skin concerns will evolve and change as you age and it is important to alter your skin care routine to reflect that.  

 Consider your early 20’s to be a facial boot camp.  How you treat your skin now will reflect how your skin will look in the future. This is when you build up your skin’s discipline without going overboard and causing irritation. The first tip to take a note of is what type of facial cleansing wash you use.  Using foaming wash strips the facial skin.  Using a gentle face wash such as a cleansing milk will balance the skin’s complexion and get rid of the daily grime.
 Always use sunscreen while you are in the sun. Sun protection will go far with daily activities in preventing signs of aging.  It is recommended to use SPF 15 to 30 and reapply when needed. Sunscreen helps prevent an uneven tan.  Uneven tans can become permanent and will produce irregular life long dark spots.
 Update your toner! Toner should not sting every time you put it on.  Get rid of the alcohol-based acne toners. Get a more balancing toner such as acid toning. Acid toning gives you a gentle, mild exfoliation.  Acid based toners have higher alpha hydroxyl acids that will regulate oil production and maintain the skin’s pH level for balanced even complexion.

Finally, moisture is key! Using an eye cream and facial moisturizer or serum will give your skin the vitamins it needs in order to flourish. As you age, your skin may begin to become dryer, making moisturizer vital. As you enter your 30’s introducing products specifically designed to anti-aging such as moisturizers featuring retinol will help keep your skin fresh and young, for years to come. Creams with active ingredients including retinol should only be worn at night as the sun interaction can cause adverse effects

 You should always love the way your skin feels and looks.  If you want to learn more on aging prevention, Laser Hair Removal USA in Commack would love to inform you on tips to keep your skin looking ageless. Laser Hair Removal USA offers free consultations to inform you on what you need to do and how they can help.  You can contact Laser Hair Removal USA by calling 631-864-7546 or visiting their website  
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